• ZACH AND AUDREY LANGFORD roundedrightarrow

    Ministry to the United Kingdom

    Their primary role in the United Kingdom is serving a variety of roles with children and youth in the tough neighborhoods of North England.

  • TIM AND COLLEEN STEVENSON  roundedrightarrow

    Ministry to Uganda

    Their primary role in Uganda is ministering to young children, the Stevensons have a focus closely aligned with StoneBridge Church

  • CHOPIN HALL roundedrightarrow

    Mission is to establish and operate a facility that provides assistance to the needy citizens of Hancock County. CHOPIN Hall was established in 1984 by 12 area churches. The name stands for Christians Helping Other People in Need.

    CHOPIN Hall operates with one part-time director and over 100 volunteers. Funding is provided by member churches, as well as donations from local individuals, businesses, and organizations.

  • CHRISTIAN CLEARING HOUSE roundedrightarrow

    Christian Clearing House (CCH) provides emergency assistance to individuals and families that find themselves unable to meet a specific need, whether it be paying an electric bill, rent or buying groceries.  CCH is an association of area churches that pool their resources to provide this assistance.   Donations can be made through area churches or directly to CCH.

    Christian Clearing House is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing emergency assistance to individuals and families in need, residing in Hancock County.

  • CITY MISSION roundedrightarrow


    EMERGENCY SHELTER: City Mission is the only emergency shelter in Hancock County that will accept men. Our Mission guests are single men and women, two parent families, single parent families, and handicapped persons. The Mission initially offers 7 nights of shelter with case management for every individual. If the individuals are making progress, they are offered extensions for as long as it takes to end homelessness in their lives.

    NOURISHING MEALS: We provide 3 meals a day for residents (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). 

    COUNSEL AND SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: The Mission provides an encouraging and supportive environment for those who come seeking help. Chapel services, mid-week Bible study, and spiritual guidance are available to all.