Here’s a fun Family 30 Day Challenge for the month of November.

Download By Clicking Here

As you complete a square, color it, mark it off. See if you can complete the whole board in the month of November, during our Family30 challenge. Every family that returns the challenge will be given a prize. Each complete board will be entered to win a Family Fun Gift Basket. Challenge sheets will be collected at Guest Services desk on Sunday, December 2.

What’s the purpose of this family challenge? As you look over the different activities, you will see that you get to Connect intentionally with your family. You get to Serve others. You get to Give to others. And you get to Invite others to join you. What better way to enter the holiday season than becoming more intentional in thinking of family and others? 

As your family completes the activities, please share your photos on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag: #SBCFamily30

If you're not sure where to start, here's some links: